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    Hi,I am Echo.

    I was growing in a warm and big family,and have lots of cherish memory in my childhood.When I was 5 years old,my fathor took a dog home,as my birthday gift.

    It was a Labrodor,and was a boy.:)I call him "Lucky".I remembered the first thing after school,is to play with Lucky,he was such adorable,that I enjoy every second with him.I bought him lots of toys,cute clothes,and sometimes enjoy my lauch with him.

    Lucky stayed with me for 11 years.I was so sad can't believe that he left me alone!Now I have graduated from university,I established my own shop that dealing with dog products to memory the days with Lucky.

    I want that,if you are a dog lover,be sure to cherish your dogs.He is not only a pet,but your honest friends.

    Wish you happy in my shop!:)